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Guideline for first-time users

First time user Quick Start: : A Quick Guide to Test the Basic Features

Follow the steps below to test the basic features, if you are new to the PPC advertising system.

» Configure the system-related settings like engine name, default encoding, default language, single-sign-on, operation mode (whether keyword based on keyword independent), email settings, format settings, advertiser payment options, publisher withdrawal options etc under “Essential Settings".

» Create an ad display unit based on any of the available ad blocks from “Admin's Ad Display" section.

» Paste the HTML code of the new ad unit in your desired page where you want to show the ads.

  • If you are using keyword specific code, please ensure to write your keywords in place of (in the case of multiple keywords use comma as separator Eg:keyword1,keyword2)manually or echo the keyword variable using PHP.
  • If you are using content related code, please ensure that the page where you are going to paste the code contains proper meta keywords, meta description and title.

» Create a retargeting ad display block by giving the desired width, height and size section.

» Create a retargeting ad display unit based on any of the available retarget ad blocks from “Admin's Ad Display" section.

» Paste the retarget HTML code of the new retarget ad unit in your desired page where you want to show the ads.

» Create an advertiser account and add some fund to that account.

» Login to the newly created account and create a few ads (Text/Banner/Catalog).

» Add a few keywords to the newly created ppc ads and retarget ads.

»In case of retarget ads, the advertiser will receive a retarget code that to be placed in any of the HTML pages of his domain with proper meta keywords.

» From the admin area activate the newly created PPC ads, retarget ads and keywords for both.

» Now from the browser, access the page where you have copied the HTML code.

» The ads may show up now if the keywords added for the ad matches with keywords( If keywords do not match for the retarget ads, ads will be displayed based on domain name ) in the test page. If ads are not shown, please invoke admin/adserver_cron.php and try again.

» If PPC ads are still not showing up, login back to the advertiser account and set click values according to the suggested click rate and try again.

» Click on any of the ads. Now you will be redirected to the corresponding URL you had set for the ad.

» Go back to the admin area/the advertiser login area to see the statistics. Please note that statistics are updated hourly when the cron job runs.

Testing publisher account :

» Create a publisher account and approve the same from the admin area.

» Login to the publisher account and generate ad display code for PPC ad and retarget ad separately.

» Copy the code and paste in a web page.

» Access the ad display page from the browser and check whether ads are shown.

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