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 Admedien is a global digital advertising entity serving digital advertisement on the web, mobile web, devices, games and applications. With access to a community of over 2 billion digital users.

Our journey started in early 2000 when the internet was still a novelty in some parts of the world. At this time, a limited number of people and organisations had access to the internet or owned digital properties on the world wide web. Most adverts displayed on the web pages while visiting many countries were adverts for foreign goods and services. The adverts were absolutely useless to the local businesses and population in some geo-locations, and mostly a waste of resources for the foreign advertisers and publishers based in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Adverts for many local and global products and services were evidently missing on the internet in suburbia and rural business and customers.  

In the year 2011, Admedien became one of the pioneer digital advertising platforms that provided an avenue to advertise relevant goods and services in remote countries through internet web space and mobile web. The advertising platform began efficiently connecting advertisers to the relevant remote and near target audience.  Admedien was founded in London, the United Kingdom, in the year 2011

The digital advertising network is easily accessible, available and affordable for advertisers and publishers (media owners) of all sizes. The list of publishers and advertisers that enrolled with Admedien almost immediately spanned countries in  Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

 The brand  “Admedien" was launched and managed as a division of a separate corporate name until 2021 when it was incorporated as an independent company.

 Admedien evolved over the last ten years in spikes and dips. The advertising footprint continues to spread and currently reaches out to the global audience, however, the platform continues to offer a special approach to advertising in remote areas. We work with social media and e-commerce partners in EMEA, APAC and LATAM countries.

Currently, Admedien serves ads with several ad-serving engines, partners and channels to the global landscape, underpinned by Artificial Intelligence technology. We reserve the right to decline to run ad campaigns that we deem politically biased, religious, offensive and unacceptable to human rights and our corporate values.

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