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What is Native advertising

Native ads are display ads that are related to the headlines and content of a media format where they appear. Native ads match the content and look of the website or app cohesively. Viewers will not be bored because the ads constantly morph into different relevant adverts from time to time.

Advertisers prefer native ads to standard or random display ads because native ads blend with the current engagement when visiting a website. Viewers find it less intrusive.

The conversive performance of native ads has fueled growth in media spend for the ad format globally and the popularity will continue to grow for some time. The progress bar below is an illustration of the possibilities of native advertising. 


A native ad is a type of advertisement that is designed to blend in with the content and format of the platform on which it appears. Native ads are typically created to look and feel like the surrounding content, in order to provide a seamless user experience and avoid disrupting the user's browsing experience.

Unlike traditional ads, which often appear as banners or pop-ups, native ads are integrated into the platform in a way that makes them look like they belong there. They may be labeled as “sponsored content" or “promoted," but they are not always clearly marked as ads, which can sometimes lead to confusion for users.

Native ads can take many different forms, depending on the platform and the advertiser's goals. They may be articles, videos, images, or social media posts, and they may appear on websites, social media platforms, or mobile apps. The goal of native advertising is to provide a less intrusive form of advertising that is more likely to engage users and generate clicks or conversions.

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